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The Best Mixed Asset Funds - C. Lynn Bolin

At the request of a Reader, I expanded upon an article looking at the "Best Moderate Mixed-Asset Funds" to look at all Mixed Asset Funds by Lipper Category.

Risk, Annualized Return, Risk Adjusted Return, Consistent Return, Capital Preservation, and Tax Efficiency Ratings over the past seven years are used to select the "Best" Funds. I limited the initial search to no-load funds open to new investors with fees below 1.5%, minimum life of seven years, fund family ratings of average or better, and with at least $100M in assets. To refine the list, I limited the funds to those available at Charles Schwab. The "Best Funds" is a list of 35 funds in 10 different Lipper Categories.

I learn a lot from comments and often find new "Best Funds" from Readers. Please feel free to offer your suggestions.


  • edited June 29
    I stumbled across an interesting ETF in my efforts to get up to speed on ETF investing, which is new to me. (Better late than never.)

    Check out AOK (iShares Core Conservative Allocation ETF)

    A very conservative approach, being 30% equities. Not for everyone. Might fit some older / more conservative investors’ needs. And the ER is ridiculously low.

  • TDSB and TDSA are also options in the multi-asset segment.
  • @hank, @carew388

    Below are the mixed-asset ETFs that I track. I will check out TDSB and TDSA.

  • +1 Obviously if there was an etf version of JABAX FPURX RPBAX VBIAX etc, I would just buy that and be done with it !
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