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Social Security to fight inflation

Excellent article, IMHO. If the link doesn’t work, the gist is that delaying Social Security might be your best option for fighting inflation in your investments. As is well known, there are no asset classes that are perfect hedges against inflation. However, SS payments are guaranteed to increase 7-8% per year for every year you delay past age 62 — plus an inflation adjustment based on the CPI. Although the CPI might not be a perfect match with inflation, it’s better than anything else you can get guaranteed. TIPs are the closest thing but are currently overbought and extremely low yielding, so they could lose value if interest rates spike.


  • Thank you for the reminder. This would be great for those who can delay collecting SS at 70 if their health condition allows. Also RMD has pushed to 72 from 70 1/2.
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