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Need good bond index fund or etf

I'm looking for recommendations for a good bond index fund or etf that is broadly-based, has an extremely low expense ratio, but de-emphasizes (or even eliminates) the lowest-yielding categories (such as US treasuries) so they don't dilute the yield. (Is that the general strategy of "core" bond funds?) I'd prefer to stay away from high-yield funds though. Thx!


  • I've used VCSH VCIT and VTC in the past. Not sure if they're the best, but I wanted a brand-name etf with an adequate trading volume, as well as low expense ratios.
  • edited July 8
    We did add SPHD, not sure if this is what you consider

    Mama retired portfolio has LSBRX PCI PONCX and FBND BND
  • I Own wcpnx it is a core plus bond fund. I also own ostrx it is classified as a non traditional bond fund.
  • For a core ETF I like FIXD.
  • Check out what Vanguard offers.
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