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Rochdale Emerging Markets Portfolio (formerly City National Rochdale Emerging Markets Fund) changes

has new name, Sunbridge Capital Emerging Markets Fund, and other changes.


  • The path was a little more messy.

    Rochedale Emerging Markets Portfolio, starting on Dec 11, 2011. It was reorganized into City National Rochedale Emerging Markets Fund on April 1, 2013.

    It has been managed since inception by Anindya Chatterjee. On Dec 1, 2017 he (and the rest of his management team) moved to Fiera Capital, which the fund hired as subadvisor. The transaction completed on Jun 4, 2018 when Fiera Capital took over the entire fund, forming Fiera Capital Emerging Markets Fund.

    Chatterjee formed Sunbridge Capital Partners LLC in February 2021. The Sunbridge is acquiring Fiera Capital Emerging Markets fund and Chatterjee will continue managing it. Hence the name change.

    This is all inconsequential to fund investors. I checked only because name changes like this one often indicate restructurings/acquisitions.
  • Truly messier than it appeared. Does Mr. Chatterjee know for whom he works any more?
  • The first fund profile I wrote for MFO in Oct. '16 was about the City National Rochdale EM when I interviewed Mr. Chatterjee. He made it clear right at the outset that if I was going to quote him that everything I wrote would have to be checked by his compliance department. In fact, beyond checking for factual accuracy and misrepresentations, they have no control over what financial writers publish. I also ran into this issue with another fund company spokesperson. When I told him that David would review my article for possible changes, the guy said that he would have to see it before we could publish it. David then addressed him personally about his demands, emphasizing the independence of financial writers, factual accuracy, and misrepresentations. One lesson David urged me to do is to avoid compliance departments -- period! Beyond these two issues, I didn't have any difficulty with fund managers and found the writing very enjoyable despite the work involved.
  • Hi @Dennis Baran... hope all is well. I sent you a message with a question about PARWX if you have a minute. Thx
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