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Fidelity ETFs in registration

Fidelity Clean Energy ETF
Fidelity Cloud Computing ETF
Fidelity Digital Health ETF
Fidelity Electric Vehicles and Future Transportation ETF


  • Normally investing at least 80% of the fund’s assets in securities included in the Fidelity Clean Energy Index℠ and in depositary receipts representing securities included in the index. The Fidelity Clean Energy Index℠ is designed to reflect the performance of a global universe of companies across the market capitalization spectrum that distribute, produce or provide technology or equipment to support the production of energy from solar, wind, hydrogen and other renewable sources.
    These ETFs will be passively managed to their respective indices. Blackrock iShares have few similar ETFs but not all. For example, iShares Global Clean Energy, ICLN and the YTD is negative 17%. Have to do your homework and see how many of the underlying companies produce products and services that are profitable.
  • I would be happy with just an etf version of FBALX , FPURX or FASMX !
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