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Is Now the Time for Infrastructure Funds

NY Times article.

"Crucial bridges are decaying. The electricity grid is straining. And climate change, as it worsens storms, floods and wildfires, is intensifying problems. The American Society of Civil Engineers gave the United States a C– in its latest infrastructure report card.

Help may be coming. President Biden has proposed $2 trillion in new infrastructure spending. A compromise between the president and Senate Republicans would provide about half that, though congressional Democrats are pushing for more.

No matter what happens in Washington, infrastructure challenges will endure, and the need will grow. That may create opportunities for such infrastructure stocks as electric utilities, builders of roads and bridges, and owners of railroads and cellular towers. And the mutual funds and exchange-traded funds that specialize in owning those outfits could benefit.

“There are so many tailwinds right now,” said Josh Duitz, manager of the Aberdeen Global Infrastructure Fund. “Two big ones are renewables and 5G.”"

Infrastructure Funds


  • sugg appending this to existing infra thread, rather than starting new
  • I considered it but wanted to hear from that original poster re: fact or opinion.
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