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9 Top Sports Betting Stocks to Wager On - Kipplinger

edited October 2021 in Other Investing
“Sports betting stocks are growing in popularity as the industry expands at a rapid rate. Here are nine gambling names you need to know.”

Posting this for what interest it may hold for some. Not a recommendation



  • So. Pete Rose still banned from baseball when every other commercial is for gambling. During game odds are posted? So fed up with this bullshit. Move all-star game from Georgia but now world series being played there? Gambling commercials featuring young ladies in tight tops? Hypocrisy of the social justice folks is laughable

    Said it before. What the f is going on in this country?

    Baseball Fan
  • edited October 2021
    Apparently that's his reward for betting on games the team (Cincinnati Reds) he managed played in. Fitting.

    No worries - it doesn't stop him from profiting from the action in a new venue "Rose's podcast — “Pete Rose's Daily Picks”
  • Howdy folks,

    Huge consolidation and shake out in the industry. Most of our casinos in Michigan (Native American) have their own phone app. The tax revenues are obscene. Michigan has a 8.26% rake on every bet. This means that every state without legal online gambling now - will have it soon. There is also a shake out in the split between virtual and face to face- phone app vs. brick and mortar casino. WTF knows how this is going to end up. I know peeps that would never, ever, ever go to a casino but delight in gambling in the family room at home. This means there is currently a growing Pie but for how long?

    and so it goes,

    peace and wear the damn mask,

  • edited October 2021
    Rono’s take much appreciated. I won’t defend or criticize the practice in itself. Most of us pick our own poisons.

    Gambling is highly addictive. Some will “double-down” until destitute. Those who can least afford it will suffer the most. It’s the addictive nature (and popularity) of gambling that make the potential profitability so appealing to investors. Following up on Rono’s analogy, this isn’t quite the same as going to a casino. Folks generally go home from a casino. Wiith the online gambling they’re in a virtual casino 24/7 - provided they choose to participate.

    The “winners” among the online operators will prosper - at least until tighter controls are in place or they are taxed out of existence. As an investor it’s similar to decisions we make about investing in tobacco, alcohol, gun manufacturers, fossil fuels - or perhaps a fund run by somebody whose political views and affiliations we detest - but who’s a financial genius.
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