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data set for bonds going back to 1978?

Most of my data sets go back to 1988, but I'd like to push my analysis of bonds back to 1978. Do you know of any bond mutual funds, or any other data sets of bond portfolios that go back to 1978, and where I can download them from? Thx!
I'd like to see what happened to bond investments when the fed raised interest rates in the early 1980s.


  • edited December 2021
    Hi Randy.

    In MFO Premium MultiSearch tool, there are four Display (evaluation) Periods that target periods of rising interest rates:

    Normalization - 201601 To 201812
    Rising Rates - 200406 To 200702
    40-Year Bond Bear - 194001 To 198105
    20-Year Bond Bear - 196001 To 198105

    USBond (US aggregate) index dates back to 1960.

    LGovBnd (US long bonds) index dates back to 1926.

    For all the Display Periods available, check-out Definitions page.

    And, this commentary piece: New MultiSearch Screens To Help Analyze Impact of Rising Rates.

    Happy to do a Zoom call to walk you through. Let me know.

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