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FLTN etf, inflation or deflation.......

I don't normally view Yahoo, but stumbled across a linked message today.
Will be interesting to discover the magic of this management, eh???



  • I'm waiting for the MADF etf which promises a 10% return whether the market goes up or down !
  • Hi @carew388
    I can think of several combos for the letters.....Madoff Fund, Market Advance/Decline Fund and a few that have "naughty" words that I won't write here.:)
    But, I like the premise of the fund. Will the fund have the standard disclaimer note about profits?
    This is all I find for MADF.
  • Yes, it's the Madoff Fund-managed by Spectral Bernie !
  • edited January 2022
    Rube Goldberg would love it!

    BTW - My own theory is that we’ll have both. First, deflation of financial assets that may wipe out much “paper” wealth. That period will be followed sometime later by serious inflation. The worst of both worlds. Be careful folks.

    Oddly, it will be the efforts of the Fed to slow inflation that I believe will eventually lead to the asset deflation I’ve mentioned.

    PS - If my scenario comes to pass, it doesn’t sound like the fund Catch linked here will help much.
  • This article is a quick read. Supposing that they have a better mouse trap method/modeling to discover the "trend", perhaps there will be success of consequence. I attempt investment modeling in my brain, either from observation or technical data or valid bias towards a sector; AND this becomes an attempt to front run a given sector(s), be they equity and/or bonds.
    I can imagine, that in many an investors mind, is to know when to "front run" the crowds, eh?
    Just my, frozen in Michigan, two cents worth.

    ETF Strategy Review "overview"

    A snippet: "During expansion, when inflationary pressures are building, and during peak, when inflation is rising above trend, the ETF will typically invest in Treasury Inflation Protection Securities (TIPS) or ETFs that primarily invest in TIPS.

    During contraction, when deflationary forces begin to take over, and during trough, before easing Federal Reserve policy reduces the risk of deflation, the ETF will typically hold nominal Treasuries or ETFs that primarily hold these securities."
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