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  • "My name is Kevin Matras and I am the Executive Vice President of That makes me responsible for all of our popular and highly acclaimed portfolio recommendation services.

    At any given time, our experts are recommending 200 or more tickers in our suite of private portfolios. Right now, FIG doesn't make the cut."
  • It would be a good idea to do some homework on this shop first. Here is a link to their website.
  • edited July 2022
    Hi @Bobpa. Interesting concept but with this company not having much of a tract record, I guess I wouldn't invest much into it. But who knows, maybe this Simplify company will have some magic scheme to do what they say;
    FIG is a modern take on the balanced portfolio, designed to be a risk-balanced portfolio of asset classes structured to pursue equity-like returns with lower volatility
    Time will tell... I do like a hedging strategy which is why I like the fund JHQAX. But I'll watch this company going forward. Thanks for bring it up.

    And I wouldn't put much stake in Zacks. I don't find their opinions helpful. And just my opinion, but it would make sense for them to say FIG doesn't make the cut since it is so new. Not much data.
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