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  • Who are these Manager G that Howard Marks is referring to?
  • In order to try and find those elusive asymmetrical managers, I set up multisearch to screen for funds with alphas =>0, top rating for max draw down, and top rating for max upside. I set the fund age to five years to include the best of times, and the worst of times.

    Then to the display columns I added alpha, and the up-down numbers. Out of curiosity I added R vs SP500. And I always add the ulcer index column to cover my IRA.

    I didn't find any G managers. But you might find someone that interests you

  • @WABAC, thanks for sharing your search. Thanks to Charles, the search capabilities of MFO has grown considerably. I need to refine my search again over X-mas holidays. These elusive managers are tough to spot. .
  • @Sven - I dunno but send me her number when you locate her please.
  • @WABAC - thank you for posting this memo.
  • @sven @mark de nada gents.
  • My reading of the memo is that Manager G may not exist in real life.
  • Per Portfolio Viz SVARX has an Information Ratio of 2.38, 3Y Annualized Rtn of 7.62%, Upside capture of 161 and Downside capture of 10.
  • @BenWP, I am thinking along the same line as you are as I re-read the article again. We are chasing the unicorn! For awhile I was thinking that a good asset allocation would dampen the ups and downs of the market, at least over a full market cycle. This year has been challenging to see more patience is required.
  • PRWCX looks like it comes pretty close toward fulfilling that dream.
  • Agree. Any other funds you like?
  • @stayCalm: SVARX does have impressive upside and downside capture ratios. Can you figure out what the bogey is? The fund appears to be charging an ER of 3+%, so that's one high hurdle to overcome. I looked at the Advisors Preferred website and got a bit confused; the Spectrum funds are mixed in with the Quantified funds, yet they are two separate series (or families) I gather. I finally understood that SVARX is a bond fund, tho what it holds I could not tell.
  • edited November 2022

    SVARX has a high turnover and changes allocations aggressively. This fund makes big bets with high conviction. It can also hold short positions and derivatives.

    Long term performance for a bond only fund is impressive. Inception is 2013 and its lowest 3Y performance is 15% (this should obviously be aggregate and not annualized)
  • Thanks for that clarification @stayCalm. Can you determine if the 11/15 distribution of 98 cents is the last one for 2022? It seems that the fund is not on a quarterly distribution schedule.
  • @BenWP - try THIS for the distribution info.
  • Your link, @Mark, is to M* showing no distributions at all in 2022 for SVARX. However, the fund made four distributions in 2021. The Advisors Preferred website appears to offer no help to investors seeking distribution estimates. Did you find something else?
  • No, my apologies. I didn't take note of the fact that 2022 data was not shown.
  • Looking at last few years of distributions, another distro in 2022 is possible but I'm basing this purely on the pattern of prior distros.
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