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Promising Funds?

Morningstar analysts added several promising funds to the Morningstar Prospects list.
Four of the six strategies which were added to the January 2023 list are discussed.


  • BSVSX is interesting and worth watching, but this level of concentration in small-cap stocks and the shift from a non-concentrated style at T. Rowe to a concentrated one now makes me nervous, Morningstar's analysis notwithstanding:
    At T. Rowe Price New America Growth, he did much of his own research in crafting a defensive-minded portfolio that included a lot of small- and mid-cap stocks. He uses a bottom-up approach to look for about 30 mispriced stocks with strong growth prospects for a concentrated portfolio with high active share against the Russell 2000 Index. Despite the concentration, his funds have typically held up in down markets without missing much upside.
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