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LCB options in taxable and ROTH accounts

edited May 2023 in Fund Discussions
***Also posted on Big-Bang

I currently hold FXAIX (FIDO) and PRILX (Parnassus), taxable and ROTH, respectively.

I am looking to compliment each of them with another fund (Mutual or ETF). I currently also have a small position in TDVG (PRDGX-TRP) but not sure if it's the best complimentary LCB option.

I am having a little difficulty narrowing down an ETF or Mutual fund; a consideration is JQUA (JPMorgan Quality Factor). One issue I am coming across is tax efficiency; most of my DD is leading me to higher than desired Tax Cost Ratio Mutual funds and some ETF's with .7 - .8 TCR.

Not that .7 - .8 is terrible, but if I am to invest in an ETF, I would prefer a more tax efficient one, if possible. Maybe it's not viable for this category?

EDIT: Just came across a 1-year old ETF from Capital Group "CGUS" (combining Growth and Income....can serve as a compliment to the S&P 500....). Any thoughts on this?

I'm looking to invest about 10% in this "complimentary" MF and/or ETF

Any suggestions, constructive criticisms, thoughts or idea's are very welcome!

Thank you in advance!

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