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WealthTrack Show - 2024

edited January 7 in Other Investing
Happy New Year! What's your New Year resolution?

Mine is to learn something of the many reasons I enjoy this site. Thanks to all that share their experiences and expertise with others.

Here are a few resolutions from some recent WealthTrack guests:


No new episode for this week.


  • beebee
    edited January 13
    Jan 13th Episode:
    In this interview, Sebastien Page shares his insights on how this new regime differs from previous periods and how it requires us to rethink traditional approaches to asset allocation. Join us as we explore the strategies and considerations for building and protecting your wealth in this changing financial landscape.
    "Diversification may not be a free lunch, but maybe more like a 'tasty' lunch."

  • Fun to listen to. I still don't prefer any of the "glide-path" funds. Too much "cookie cutter" stuff going on there. I'm always trying to watch out for my own Confirmation Bias. Page, this time, emphasizes trusting the "right" Fund Managers who can adroitly play with hedges and shorts. I won't go near that stuff, myself. If David Giroux wants to do it, then it feels much safer and sensible. PRWCX = almost 40% of portfolio, now. Considering RPBAX for my 31-year-old son who works niche-jobs and performs in a band or two. Streaky income in his case.
  • Jan 20 Episode
    Join renowned financial thought leader and strategist Jason Trennert as he shares his major investment themes for 2024 in this episode of WEALTHTRACK. Gain insights into the current state of the economy and markets, and discover potential risks and opportunities that lie ahead.

    Trennert discusses the performance of giant tech stocks, the importance of portfolio rebalancing, and investment strategies for areas that have lagged behind.

  • beebee
    edited January 27
    Link to Jan 27 Episode:
    … dive into the real risks facing the markets with global value investor Matthew McLennan. As markets climb a wall of worry, McLennan shares his insights on protecting yourself from inevitable declines and sticking to a disciplined investment approach.

    We explore the key concerns and opportunities in the financial landscape. Stay tuned for valuable insights from McLennan, Co-Head of the global value team at First Eagle Investments, discusses the multiple risks facing “complacent” markets and his strategies to navigate them.

  • Feb 3 Episode:
    We speak with Christine Benz, Morningstar’s personal finance guru, about the significant impact of higher yields on retirement planning. Benz discusses the potential benefits of adding a basic fixed immediate annuity to retirement plans, the importance of asset location for higher-yielding assets, and the advantages of investing in defined maturity bond funds. She also shares insights on the iShares I bond Term TIPS ETFs and the implications of higher interest rates on portfolio returns.

    Explore This Episode - additional information and content related to this episode.
  • beebee
    edited February 17
    Part 2 with Christine Benz:

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