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Short Jim Cramer (SJIM) Shutting Down

edited January 29 in Fund Discussions
”The Inverse Cramer Tracker ETF (ticker SJIM), a fund that aimed to short stocks recommended by the bombastic TV personality, is poised to join its bullish sibling on the ETF scrapheap, it was announced Thursday. SJIM will stop trading Feb. 13, according to a press release. SJIM is closing five months after Tuttle Capital Management’s Long Cramer Tracker ETF (LJIM) was shuttered, with that fund — which bought the stocks Cramer recommended — garnering even fewer assets.  The product has managed to attract just $2.4 million in assets since its launch in March 2023. The inverse fund has lost 15% on a total return basis since its launch.”

First Reported by Bloomberg


  • Hahahaha!
  • That such a fund existed is proof that there are far too many ETFs available. Good riddance.
  • edited January 29
    larryB said:

    That such a fund existed is proof that there are far too many ETFs available. Good riddance.

    ”There’s a sucker born …

    But - ISTM Cramer got the last laugh here. The fund has lost 15% from inception.
  • It might be evidence that it's just too easy to launch ETFs. Tuttle has rolled out a surprising array of incredibly ... ummm, whimsical ETFs over time. Inverse Socially Conscious. Self-Defense. 2X Reverse AI. FOMO. De-SPAC. Short Innovation, which attempts to short ARKK. The founder, the guy behind the GoWokeGoBroke X account, declares "I want to be disruptive." In particular, he disdains buy-and-hold though some might suggest his business model is launch-and-fold.
  • edited February 1
    I must need new glasses. “Self-Defense” at first looked like “Self-Destructive,”
  • Tuttle Capital is an interesting firm. Never really knew if they were a serious investment manager or more mocking the market/retail investors.
  • The ETF I really miss is WSKY!
  • edited February 6
    I'm thinking a new ETF based on the stocks touted by M* Susan and M* Dave.

    Three stocks to buy! Three stocks to sell! Three undervalued stocks to buy before the big game!

    What would your portfolio look like after a year of trading on their touts? Maybe just a month; like one of those challenges where you only eat at Waffle House, or McDonalds, for a month.
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