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Earnings Recession over for the 493

edited July 10 in Other Investing
Good news for the rest of the S&P index. It's free at Yahoo. Dinky linky.

According to data from BofA's US equity strategy team, earnings for the S&P 493 haven't registered year-over-year growth since the fourth quarter of 2022.


The upcoming second quarter earnings period, however, should mark the end of what's been a stealth earnings recession for the vast majority of companies in the S&P 500. For the 493 non-Mag 7 stocks, earnings growth is forecast to clock in at 6%, 7%, and 13% annually over the second, third, and fourth quarters of 2024.
Yet, as often happens in the investing world, this peak of frustration with a market environment that has come to resemble celebrity culture, in which just a few stars draw the headlines, appears set to crescendo. At which point stocks that comprise "anything else" will meet an investor community eager to think about just that.
I better check my seatbelt.
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