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Firefox not showing any information in MFO

This is odd. Firefox was working perfectly yesterday. Today can only see the top header and the second blue line where it says home etc.. Anybody know what might be going on?


  • I use Firefox and am having no problems viewing the MFO site.
  • It must be my computer. When I try and magnify the page to 120%, I lose the text, whereas if I keep the magnification at 110% or below, then the text returns. Very strange.
  • edited April 2013
    I am currently viewing this thread using Firefox 20.0.1 on Windows 7. To help Skip out, when reporting browser-specific woes, it probably helps to report at least browser version and OS version information. I sometimes see different behavior with the most recent version of Firefox on this Windows computer I am using than I do with Firefox on my Macbook. And so on. When there really is a browser-version-specific problem, the problem can be subtle.

    On this workstation I have Norton 360 installed and up-to-date and OpenDNS. Intermittently, depending on how updates and the ill humors of my ISP, my router, or the various and sundry memory leaks the computer games my son runs cause in Windows are interacting, I will experience behavior that presents as a specific site having a problem with a specific browser.

    I usually do not bother diagnosing. I either switch to another browser, update something that does not update automatically, or reboot something (sometimes the router, occasionally the computer.

    Also, note that this thread is meant to be in "Technical Questions", and probably will get moved there by the masters of the site.

    Anyway, best of luck.

  • Reply to @Soupkitchen: This might be an artifact of a Firefox update. Check your settings under "View"-> "Zoom." There's an option called "Zoom text only." Uncheck that, then try to zoom to 120% or more. When I had ZTO checked, my text also disappeared at 120%.

  • Reply to @David_Snowball: Voila! That worked. Thanks David.
  • edited April 2013
    Firefox here, too, with no problems. If you want to increase the size of the text, you can hold down the CONTROL button while hitting the "+" button. Hit it once, text gets bigger. Hit it twice, three times, 4 times, bigger still. Internet Explorer won't do that for you.
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