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Best Portfolio Tracking Tools?

edited July 2011 in Fund Discussions
I've been using he CNNMoney portfolio tracking tool online for several years and it is OK. Still wondering if anyone has found other online portfolio tracking aids online they like. Thanks.


  • I use Gainskeeper (not free). This is mainly for my taxable accounts - it handles Walsh rule beautifully, corporate actions (splits/name changes, etc), options, and generates Schedule D. You can also link to TurboTax and other tax softwares.

    Otherwise, I use Morningstar (premium account) for retirement accounts (due to mutual fund research).
  • edited July 2011
    I use M* Portfolio Manager. You can track several portfolios of either transactional or watch type. Watch portfolios are easy and simple and similar to most other sites. Transactional portfolios are require more maintenance.

    If you use transaction portfolios, you will be able to track dividends etc. and more realistically track your own performance but it is sometimes a bit of chore when dividends are different in your personal account that on M* (because for example you did not invest in the bond fund for the full period where dividend was collected)

    The Portfolio Manager itself is free and has several functions free (such as My Performance and ability to create custom views of the portfolio incorporating different metrics).

    Free membership does not provide portfolio XRAY but you can use Portfolio Allocator tool's first screen to analyze portfolio allocation and sectoral breakdown and you do not have to proceed with the rest of the tool.
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