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Scout Unconstrained bond

edited August 2013 in Fund Discussions
Last night I observed that all three fund mgrs of the fund invested more than a million in this fund. Though, that amount is nothing for them, they have invested only in this fund, not in the other two they manage, short term bond and core bond.

I posted this earlier too, WAFMX fund mgr has more than million in it. Generally, very few mgrs invest that much even in EM, forget about Frontier Markets.


  • edited August 2013
    SUBFX holding up very well this year. It appears to be 30% long cash currently, which helps. Impressive performance for bond fund given conditions lately:


    Of course, David as usual saw this one coming...

    Scout Unconstrained Bond Fund (SUBFX) – November 2012
  • Thanks Charles!
    Sorry, I did not realize that David already mentioned this in his coverage/update.

  • Not about SUBFX (which I own, thanks to David) but while we're talking about manager investments... I noticed yesterday that Fairholme's website reports that Berkowitz owns 10.5 million shares of FAAFX. At 11.50/share, that's $120 million out of a total AUM of $300 million, according to M*. Is there any other major mutual fund out there where the manager owns 40% of the shares? I've owned FAAFX since it opened and obviously its relative performance has been mediocre, but if we get a bigger market dip I may add to it.
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