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Early September Buy/Sell/Brief Reasons (if you can)

edited August 2013 in Fund Discussions
M* forums have this kind of thread every month. It is quite vibrant as most of them who in that thread are traders who relies on both fundamental as well as T&A for their short term trades.

We used to have one by Scott earlier but he would have lost interest due to lack of participation or whatever.
In general, most of us invest mainly in funds, we may not have much to share on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, nevertheless, I am string it as Markets have become volatile again and many of us might have done some changes.

Please post here your buys/sales and reasons, if you can share.



  • edited August 2013
    I posted my recent changes in earlier threads/posts.

    Here is what I did today.

    Bought a small amount CEF(a CEF), and bought MSMLX with initial minimum.
    CEF is more of a speculation/trade. We were talking about EM being cheap even before this downturn, so it must be even cheaper now. Thinking of eliminating MAPIX (a very good fund), and slowly increase MSMLX as volatile funds are better when the trend reverses. I might loose much more before it reverses but ready to face it. Moreover, I already have SFGIX, though not an apple-to-apple comparison with MAPIX.

    With recent sales (PAUDX, VTIPX, PONDX, MAINX, HSFNX, etc), I am at 19% cash now.
    Pondering over where to invest that money.

    Hold 70% in my core funds; Some of them are held since 2005/06.
  • edited August 2013

    I am still with my asset allocation model. Recently, I reduced income by 5% form 30% to 25% and raised my equity allocation form 40% to 45%. Cash remains at 20% and alternative at 10%. Although, I am somewhat near these targets I still have a ways to go to get to my 45% equity target. I am awaiting more than a dip (up to a 5% reduction) to do some equity buying. For me a dip is up to a 5% reduction, a pull back is a 5% to 10% reduction, a down draft is 10% to 15% reduction and a correction is 15% to 20% reduction and more than a 20% reduction would be classified a recession.

    I am looking for a pull back in the S&P 500 Index to around 1625 before I do any major buying. I put full year 2013 earnings (TTM) for the Index at about $108.50. And, at 1625 this equates to a P/E Ratio of about 15.
  • edited August 2013
    The recent trading I have done is sell two etfs (EEM, IYW) in favor of funds , because I felt managed funds were better in these sectors. I also changed out IYR for VNQ because it had lower fees and better returns over all time periods. Also added OAKIX since I did not have a developed market fund, just emerging over the last year. Have added to existing funds, and did add FPACX to my taxable account. My portfolio has been evolving over the past year since I inherited a portfolio in which I made some major changes. I am very happy with the 32/88 bond and cash/stock allocation that I now have, I have worked hard to make it truly diversified and have truly enjoyed MFO and its numerous personalities, informative links and discourse.
  • Reply to @slick: 32/88 adds up to 120%
  • Reply to @Investor:

    oops typo, 32/68, thanks for letting me know
  • I've been busy with a few things lately and haven't posted these thread/s. I've made a few minor additions to current positions recently but am otherwise really to the point again where I don't have any ideas - don't want to buy, don't want to sell. I'll post these threads at times going forward, but if I don't for a bit and someone else wants to start it, that's certainly more than fine.
  • edited September 2013
    Increased the holdings MSMLX and SFGIX.
    Brought down MAPIX to a foothold as it is a closed now. Nothing against the fund. Just trying to realign EM allocation.
    Eliminated AEMGX, my best performing fund ever as I invested in March 2009. Eliminated it as I have too many funds in EM space, though I still like it for EM Diversified space. Would like to invest in Grandeur's EM fund whenever it comes, as it would nicely cover EM smallcap space.
    Bought ARTKX in Roth IRA account. I could buy it at TDA as I already hold it in my taxable a/c.

    My 401k rollover triggered the review of my entire portfolio and resulted in this hectic activity. I still hold about 15% of cash.
  • edited September 2013
    ...Not able to do much worth mentioning at the moment. Just added to MAINX and a great deal more to MAPOX...... The latter is doing better than the former, for sure. I have been, and remain, severely underweight in US equities and domestic bonds--- even after adding what I just added. MAPOX is balanced; my all-bond domestic fund is DLFNX. I started last year with it with just $3,000.00 and despite monthly dividends, it has sunk now to $2,929.00. I'll ride this out. My time-horizon is long-term.
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