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Thumbnails don't work

I keep editing my thumbnail picture focusing on my bald head. However in my posts I don't see Thumbnail but a shrunk version of my whole picture.

I'm thinking thumbnails there for showing small icon in posts. Please correct me if I'm wrong and then maybe explain why thumbnails are for.


  • edited September 2013
    The thumbnail is based on the pic or image you uploaded in your profile.

    choose edit thumbnail in your profile and you can resize or isolate a portion of your uploaded image.

    Drag around and resize the square below to define your thumbnail icon. The thumbnail (smaller image or selected portion of image that you uploaded) is what is displayed in the discussions and comments. The larger image of uploaded pic is displayed in the top left of your profile.

    that is the gist of it.
  • Yes Accipter. I think I got that right. What I'm saying is I did exactly what you said. My picture has my torso and head. I selected just my head for thumbnail. However on the posts, I see a shrunk copy of my entire picture instead of my thumbnail. Including this one.

    Now every time I go in to edit, my thumbnail seems to be getting lost. Maybe it is not saving? I'm using Chrome.
  • edited September 2013
    Reply to @VintageFreak:

    looks like it got sorted out after all :). Anatomically, I don't see a thumbnail, I see a head.
  • Reply to @Accipiter: Hmmm...right here right now I'm still seeing my entire bust. Snipping and pasting for your reference...


  • Reply to @VintageFreak:

    Your images are cached. Clear your browser cache. Or try a different computer to prove it to yourself


  • edited September 2013
    reply to comment below. problem solved.
  • Reply to @Accipiter::D i see my ugly mug now. Thanks. My daughter made that "avatar" of me on some website when she was just 5. So I take it very personally.
  • I hope you guys don't drive cars
  • Reply to @Dennis1:

    I'm glad computers are not cars, some people would never get to their destination, to say the least.:)
  • Reply to @Dennis1: You now made me officially old. Because I didn't get the joke:(
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