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Fine book by Daniel Solin

edited July 2011 in Fund Discussions
Back in May I received great feedback here as I grappled with whether I needed to retain a financial adviser to help manage my retirement portfolio. I opted to keep it simple and stay with Vanguard, switching to three index funds and rollover my 401K to an IRA. Among the several good suggestions was one from MJG to read Daniel Solin's "The Smartest Investment Book You'll Ever Read." I just finished it and it is fabulous! It is an easy and entertaining read which makes a powerful case for limiting a portfolio to index funds only. The historical data is overwhelming that precious few funds beat the market over the long haul. Two closing thoughts: I wish Solin would update the book since it published in 2006. It could be useful to have his data and insights covering the turmoil and volatility of the last five years. And I'd suggest David add the Solin book to his best books list elsewhere on the MFO board. Thanks again, MJG. Next, Burton Malkiel's "A Random Walk Down Wall Street."


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