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Junk Bond Defaults on the far Horizon?

edited November 2013 in Fund Discussions
Default Surge Starting In 2016
But junk-bond guru Martin Fridson comes across as more mathematician than Meredith Whitney as he predicts today that the junk-bond market will see $1.5 trillion worth of defaults when this credit cycle finally ends..


  • Dear TSP Transfer: Back in 2009 B of A predicted that 40% of all junk bonds would default by the year 2013. So far in 2013 the default rate is about 3%.
  • Reply to @Ted: In 2009, there was a huge peak in junk defaults and the default rate was 16%. I can understand the dire prediction.

  • Reply to @SlowLane: Since 2009 I have held dozens of individual junk bond, and to this date have had only one failure, Mission Energy 7.75% June 2013.
  • Reply to @Ted: Congratulations on your great junk bond picking! It is no easy feat to have a lower default rate than the index.
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