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Really miss the "summary view"

edited November 2013 in Technical Questions
Was an easy way to size-up a thread and get a quick glimpse of who had said what - without having to wait for entire thread to load. Here's the link I used for several years. It ceased working last Saturday and I'm unable to identify anything similar at this site. Thanks & Regards.


  • Dear Hank: One of the few bells & whistles I like here at MFO. Hope they bring it back.
  • Reply to @Ted: Ted, I know they want to keep you happy.:-)
  • edited November 2013
    Ah, heck; couldn't resist the FundAlarm flashback.
  • Reply to @catch22: Great memories of a truly great Mutual Fund Website.
  • Hi, hank.

    The summary view page was one of the plug-ins built by Accipiter that we shut off last weekend in order to conserve server resources. If things seem to remain stable for a little while, I'd be willing to try turning it on again on a weekend when I'm around to monitor things closely. I suspect it will work just fine, but I need to be able to watch and quickly turn it off if there's trouble.

    Hang in there!

  • I see. ..... Thanks for your efforts Chip & All.
  • edited November 2013
    Hi Anna,

    Yes, I looked at that date path, too. That was a strange and new period, eh?
    The old clock sure moves too fast most days for me.
    The date page I pulled was more to the one month after the market bottom. I am sure there was a lot of interesting text within those thread lines.:)

    I am most pleased with the evolution and expansion of the MFO format. Accipiter's fine addition of the Falcon's Eye and Navigator have had a lot of use for me. The expansion of what is able to placed into the the text pages and the international connections that are allowed.
    There are too many areas to say a thank you.
    'Course, the best still remains the kind folks who have brought forth and maintain the site; and all of the gracious people who share their time and wisdom.
    Take care of you and yours,
  • Reply to @Ted: That's pretty powerful music. Aren't you afraid of over-taxing our Band Width?
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