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How to create a web link ...

edited July 2011 in Technical Questions
besides posting the lengthy URL ? Thanks.



  • edited November 2011
  • edited August 2011
    This method does not work according to my attempts. How about an easier method of linking such as those available on yahoo or M* ? Thanks.

  • Reply to @kevindow: It does work. You are probably doing something wrong.

    Also, some URLs (such as print links) may not work if you are coming from a different site as they might lose some other cookie or form data to correctly render the page.
  • edited August 2011
    Reply to @kevindow Make sure the begin quotation mark precedes the word http and the end quotation mark follows the end of the link. That is a common error. As for easier links ala M*, that's purely a decision for MFO. But if you want to work within these strictures this is exactly how you do it.

    if you want to post your original link, I'll repost it with a label.
  • Would it be technically possible to install a more user friendly linking tool similar to those used by yahoo and M* ? Thanks.
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