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How can I find my favorite commentators?

edited August 2011 in Technical Questions
On Fund Alarm, they had branches which showed responses. I would always read my favorite posters' posts. Now I can't find them unless by accident. Are there any plans to expand the response lines so one can see who has responded to a post? I accidentally found one of my favorite posters today; I didn't think he came here.


  • Hi, Lisa.

    Two easy options. First, use the search box on the upper right of the discussion pages, the one with "go" beside it. Type in a screen name and every occurrence of the name will appear.

    Second, a slightly more-refined option, click on the person's name in a discussion. You'll go to his/her homepage. You'll see three tabs including "discussions." Click on it and you'll see every discussion s/he started. "comments" leads to every thread in which s/he contributed. You'll also be able to send him/her a private message, using the "message to..." option.

    Hope that helps,

  • Thanks very much!
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