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Bought a little today

edited August 2011 in Fund Discussions
I had some cash on the sideline in my taxable portfolio and started putting it to work.
Nibbled on some FAIRX (Fairholme), RYSEX (Royce Special Equity), WAGOX (Wasatch global
opportunity) and OAKGX (Oakmark Global). For my tax-sheltered momentum portfolio,
I am in GLD (1/3rd) and rest in cash (got out when the 200MA was pierced last week).
The only others showing positive momentum are currency ones (like FXF - Swiss) and bonds
(like IEI). Gold may have more room to grow, currency is not my think and bonds may not
have much more room.


  • Rough day. I bought a little too, closing out a small position in MERFX (Merger Fund), which has been underperforming relative to its role and switched that money to FPACX (FPA Crescent). Not a huge change. It could stay ugly for a while but hey, at least stocks are 15-20% cheaper.
  • Howdy Kaspa and NickF,

    Our house will be monitoring the energy sector for a buy point. Regardless of all events; energy will still be required.

    Take care,
  • Hello,

    I bought a little too ... In a S&P 500 Index fund and in my corporate leaders fund. I am still with my "at a pace" equity buying. Currently, I compute the forward P/E Ratio for the S&P 500 Index in now back of 11. Historically, it has averaged about 15.5. Based upon this, the market is at about 30% discount to its historical average. From my perspective the market in general is extremely oversold.

    Good Investing,
  • Bought some Wasatch Microcap Value (WAMVX) in my Roth. Would have bought Aston River Road Independent Value (ARIVX) instead, but was a bit short of the $2500 minimum in the cash account. Wasatch has more cautious than most funds in its space, and has done consistently well for me since its open. And I lucked into shares at a 7.5% discount today. (Huzzah?)
  • edited August 2011
    I added small token amounts to ARIVX in my and wife's Roth accounts. Rebalanced 3 out of 4, 401k accounts (sell bond and cash to buy existing stock funds). Overall probably 3-4% shifted from fixed income and cash into equities.
  • I was also looking at ARIVX, but too high minimum in ST. So I checked ADBLX - minimum fine BUT ST shows 3.96% EXPENSE RATIO?!!! Could that be correct?
  • edited August 2011
    Bought a touch more Brookfield Infrastructure yesterday (BIP, this is an MLP) to top off that position and that is really a long-term holding. Otherwise, not much. May work in some additional mutual funds depending on how this day goes.
  • Reply to @CathyG: Yes and no. The operating expense of the fund at open was expected to be nearly 4% but the advisor (Aston) agreed to waive any expenses above 0.95% for a year. All such expense waivers are for a year or less (at least in my experience) and it's exceedingly rare for an advisor to drop a waiver when the result will be a monumental increase in expenses.
  • did not do much, did not go to 20s% cash like previously plan. I think [it's too early to tell] that this was indeed the 20s% corrections that is way overdue. I think I would nimble slowly.
    bought a little of US Steel X - bonds yield 10s% for 8 yrs, too good deal to pass up @ zions direct. still got about ~ 5s% cash now
  • edited August 2011
    In taxable
    Bought a small bit of FESGX yesterday in taxable, while also selling out of a small position in OAKEX. I'm taking Grantham at his word and guessing that over the near term small cap international is not the place to be for the medium term.

    I plan to DCA into FESGX over the next few weeks as events in Europe unfold if the market reacts negatively.

    Will also be adding a small amount more to HDCCX if conditions prove favorable.

    In IRA and 403b
    No changes. Still holding cash (roughly 5-10%, plus bond exposure of around 25%). Will add to large cap global if we dip again. May also add to OAKEX if we dip again. XFER'd a bit of DODFX into DODIX a few weeks ago. I'll roll that back into DODFX if Europe bursts into flames. Wish I had rolled a bit more over into DODIX when I had the chance, however.
  • added to existing equity mutual and closed-end funds at the expense of bonds and cash. Added to preferreds and munis in CEF format, which provided great discounted entry points and good yield.
  • edited August 2011
    bought a little of us steel x bonds this AM, yield ~ 10s% for 8 yrs, A- rating, what a deal!
    did not sell nor did not buy anything else, had to take maalox and watch after hours market/Australia market and Hong kong market/EM until 12:30 am...last
  • Reply to @David_Snowball: Thanks, David. It's kind of scary when Scottrade doesn't show the expense waiver - but I check M* which does show it, so will keep it on my Watch list.
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