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MFO Ratings Updated Through June 2018

edited July 2018 in MFO Premium
All ratings have been updated on MFO Premium site, including MultiSearch, Great Owls, Fund Alarm (Three Alarm and Honor Roll), Averages, Correlation, Dashboard of Profiled Funds, and Fund Family Scorecard.

The site is now using the Lipper Global Data Feed and provides risk and performance metrics and a myriad of screening tools on all US Mutual Funds, ETFs, CEFs, and Insurance Funds.


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    Grandeur Peak, recommended strongly by David (and Sam), continues to be an MFO Top Fund Family. All seven of its funds have beaten their peers handsomely since launch. Its two open funds, Global Stalwarts (GGSOX) and International Stalwarts (GISYX), have done particularly well this past year. That said, all seven are experiencing five months of drawdown.


  • Mr Sam Lee, if you are monitoring this board, could you please offer your current take on QSPIX and AQR Long/Short? The declines in both have been breathtaking and seem to be correlated. I'm trying to be patient and see these holdings through a complete cycle, but not sure how/when an up cycle is supposed to start.
  • Thanks, Charles for unpacking the GP metrics, which are helpful to many of us.
  • Thanks, Charles, for finding this comment. I don't quite understand what Mr Lee is trying to say but I do share in his pain.
    Charles said:

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    Thanks for your excellent work!

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