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If You Don't Want To Flip Burgers At 67, Do These 10 Things Right Now

FYI: A recent Bloomberg article cheerily detailed a growing trend of fast food restaurants recruiting senior citizens to join the ranks of burger-flipping hourly workers. These experienced workers are being recruited at senior centers, churches and through advertisements on the American Association of Retired Persons website. According to the piece, due to the high employment rate and accompanying lack of available workers, coupled with the negative traits attributed to teens (by the reporter), over 50 to 75 year old workers are seen as ideally suited for these minimum wage jobs


  • I think these 2 items are the ones that count:
    6. Save and invest as much money as possible to allow you to retire on your own terms. This will be difficult because it requires giving up fancy vacations, flashy cars, and an extravagant lifestyle.

    7. If you live in an expensive and high taxed neighborhood, sell your home, move to a lower cost state, and bank the savings.

    Start a side hustle? Like flipping burgers?
  • Great article (albeit somewhat depressing).
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