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M*: Why We Don't Recommend This 5-Star Bond Fund: (GIBIX)

FYI: Guggenheim Total Return Bond boasts a compelling strategy and stellar record but has historically produced more risk than most peers with a record modest in length and untested in a major crisis. Staff turnover and tenure give reason for pause. The fund carries a Morningstar Analyst Rating of Neutral.

M* Snapshot GIBIX:

Lipper Snapshot GIBIX:

GIBIX Is Unranked In The (IB) Fund Category By U.S. News & World Report:


  • Hold this fund as one of my two core bond funds and have found it does what I intended it to do, be a stabilizing force in portfolio. My other bond fund throws off more income, but is a bit more volatile. It's a keeper for me.
  • edited November 2018
    M* doesn't differentiate between core and core-plus, a clear and imho necessary distinction among rate-sensitive intermediate funds. I doubt Eric J. could accurately say that the fund has "historically produced more risk than most peers" if M* acknowledged core-plus as a legitimate category. Of course a fund with a non-IG kicker (in this case, ABS) produces more risk (and more potential return) than one without ... that's the point.
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