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Pension Partners 2018 summary

Here’s a detailed study of 2018.

II. Bear Markets and Recessions
Does a 20% decline in stocks mean a recession is coming? That’s the question everyone seems to be asking today.
Looking back at history, the answer is far from clear. This is now the 21st Bear Market since 1929. Of the previous 20, only 11 were associated with a recession (55% of the time).”

“Only 3 country ETFs finished positive: Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and New Zealand. How many strategists had Qatar on their list of top picks for 2018?”

“XI. Happy New Year
In 2019, I predict one thing and one thing only: you will see many more surprises. That is the nature of markets.”


  • @Rbrt
    Thanks. Will take a few minutes to digest some of this, eh?
  • @catch22: Why didn't you digest this when I linked it on 1/7/19 ?

    P.S.Rbrt: I wear size 10 steel toed shoes !
  • Hi @Ted
    I recall that was part of the period I was recovering from a heart attack; and short of time for reading. Stuff happens, eh?
    Have a good remainder.
  • Ted!
    As they used to say in the ‘90s - all the world’s knowledge is posted on Usenet. But if you missed it, don’t worry, it’ll be posted again next week.
  • @Rbrt: With all due respect, this is not Usenet. This is the best mutual funds website on the web, and we want to keep it that way by avoiding duplicate links.
  • edited January 2019
    Morn'in @Ted,
    Please post your personal email address here, so that we all may process through you first any posts we are considering placing; so that you may provide your approval.
    Better yet, start your own site.
    Have a pleasant remainder and leave us alone before their are none remaining here to view any posts.
    NOTE: plenty of business links HERE, which update to newest articles through the day.
  • @catch22: Take it easy, for someone who just had a heart attack you don't want to get to excited !
    P. S. MFO has never had some many viewers, check with David !!!
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