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BULLETIN: Bloomberg Buys MFO

edited March 2019 in Fund Discussions
@MFO Members: Just got an E-Mail from David that he had sold MFO to Bloomberg effective immediately. The MFO Website will be shut down at 12:00 AM 4/2/19. I don't have any detail at this point, but David said he would inform MFO Members via the Discussion Board sometime tonight or early tomorrow of the details. Between his duties to his family and teaching MFO got to be to much. He did note that sale would make him financially secure so he could retire from teaching at Augustana College, spend more time with his son Will, and travel extensively.


  • I am no Fool.
    Even if it’s not April yet...
  • Sounds to me like this is fake news.
  • I got to say. I fell for this one. Thanks to Big Tom and Old_Skeet for setting me straight. I was concerned as I am a fan of this site but don't contribute much in terms of discussion.
  • Oh, for a brief minute, I thought MFO was buying Bloomberg.
  • @Big Tom: Spoil sport !

    Talk Aboui A Bad April Fools Day:
  • Many uncivilized members would be Kicked off mfo due to behavior issues
  • This post is under "Fund Discussions".
    To fall for a April Fool's joke, the joker has to have some credibility.
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