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what you shoulda done, given all the chumps out there

Adam Grossman HumbleDollar

If there’s one company that suddenly everyone knows, it’s Zoom, the videoconferencing company. It’s a great product and the stock (ticker symbol ZM) has enjoyed strong gains this year, up 123%. But there’s another Zoom that has done even better. It’s an obscure Chinese company with no revenue that happens to be listed on the U.S. market and with a much better ticker symbol: ZOOM. As a result, this other Zoom’s stock, which in the past typically traded for about a penny a share, has shot up nearly 900% this year.


  • Got lots of privacy issues with Zoom. I understand there are other companies who offer the same type of service. This is not the type of company I want to invest with.

    In the early days of gold mining, majority of prospectors went home empty handed. One who profits consistently are the hardware stores who sold picks and shovels. Same analogy applies here.
  • In the early days of gold mining, doing laundry was outsourced to China, because outsourcing was less expensive. Plus ça change.
    In order to wash your own clothes in San Francisco, you had to buy water, paying 25 cents for two buckets’ worth. Then, of course, it wasn’t manly to do your own laundry. So many men sent their dirty clothes to be laundered in China.
  • From what I understand, Zoom has become "cool" to use among a certain crowd. I'm not suggesting that other services, such as Cisco WebEx and Microsoft teams, are bette (whatever that means), but I'll be interested to see how many customers stick with Zoom after the current teleconferencing boom subsides (if it does subside).
  • it is as though I posted something about Zoom :)
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