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Nice to see OT active. And an explanation ...

edited October 2 in Off-Topic
Earlier today (Friday) I posted a rather absurd article I’d run across (on another forum I follow) which purported to establish that Covid-19 was a hoax and that the pandemic was completely over. It was dated October 1. I didn’t feel any explanation on my part was in order. It was totally absurd on the surface, yet was so presented as to convey an air of “authenticity” some might latch onto. Were it not for the dire situation in Washington today with the first family members and numerous WH officials becoming infected, I’d not have bothered posting such an absurd piece. (We might quibble over whether pandemic = investment related.)

Anyway, while some members seemed to find the article a starting point for deeper discussion of the issue and contributed mightily, others professed irritation towards me for posting the piece, apparently thinking I believed the content of the article and was trying to spread false and potentially harmful information on Covid-19 here. A bad ad absurdum argument is a bit like a bad joke. If you need to explain it, it ain’t funny. So rather than waste time trying to explain my intentions, I took the rare step of flagging my own post for moderator review and requesting deletion. I’m grateful that my wishes were granted and the post taken down around 6 PM.

My apologies to any who were offended by the posting of the article as well as to those whose constructive contributions were taken down when the post was deleted.


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