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VC Fund Manager talks Trends

Venture Capitalists may mot be where most of us go to invest, but their investments bets often proceed the broad market. Knowing their sense of trends is helpful for the small investor.


  • How does one buy the index?
  • @dstone42

    If one is serious about investing in meaningful innovative technologies, from folks who continue to select most of the best at this time; travel the link below. 'Course, overall large cap growth is fine, too; with the etf QQQ. However, do not confuse the holdings or pathway of QQQ with any of the ARK etfs.

    ARK Investments
  • Also, a fund like PRNHX continue to impress me in the mid growth space...up 80% since March...40% YTD...27% over 3 years...23% over last 5 years...21% over trailing 10 years...15 % over previous 15years.
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