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What’s everyone’s thoughts about keeping this fund or selling?


  • I held AKREX from 7/2016, eventually it was my number 1 holing. By early 2020, I detected weakness in this fund. Started selling in April 2020 and nothing left on 6/29/2020. I know Mr. Charles Akre since the time he managed a small cap fund specialize in Finance sector and was # 1 for many years. he sold it to other mutual fund. Made lots of money from that fund. Then AKREX was formed. In my post dated 7/27/2020, I suggested to dump this fund for several reasons....Now, Mr Akre has retired.
  • FWIW, I sold some time ago:

    1. Akre himself was planning to step back.
    2. Has become relatively ordinary in its performance.
  • Although my time frames are fuzzy, I held this fund around ten years ago and sold it a year or two later based on similar performance deterioration. Then, I watched AKREX recover and outperform and got back in several years ago, and now plan on maintaining my position, monitor, and reassess in a few months. At only 1% of my portfolio not a major impact.
  • edited February 2021
    I've held AKREX/AKRIX for several years now and have not been disappointed. It is my number two holding right now and although I plan on reducing it by three percent in the coming year or two (rebalancing), it will still be 2 or 3 in my portfolio.

    Whether to keep it not depends on your need and expectation. It is not a high-flying fund, in fact, although it is very concentrated it is still LOW risk and somewhat defensive.

    I am not worried about Mr. Akre stepping aside, there are two very capable managers in place now. Mr. Neff since 2014 (2009 w/Akre) and Mr. Cerrone just last year (2012 w/Akre).

    I am giving them a year or two before I make a decision. If I do bail, it will be gradual because I have significant LCG. All funds go through periods of "under-performance"; so far 2021, not good. Was last year a "little" disappointing (relatively speaking) for some, maybe, BUT I will take 21% EVERY YEAR!!!

    As has been mentioned to me numerous times, has the reason you purchased the fund changed? Its scope or approach? Asset bloat affecting performance, etc.

    Good luck with your decision!!!

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