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2020-21 Capital Gains estimates



  • @bee : Wouldn't the fund site have that info ?
    Just buzzing bye , Derf
  • I use Morningstar. Go to the fund you want to see and click on Performance. Then near the top of that page is a Performance link.
    You can see the basic info separated by date. You don't get great detail telling what are the qualified dividends and regular dividend distributions. Hope that helps.
  • Received our modest tax refund already. Learned from last year and filed electronically in order to avoid the long delay in processing.
  • It's a bit early for the 2021 postings, but CHTTX posted huge gains on 3/25 of what pretty much sums up as a split.
  • beebee
    edited April 2021
    FSRPX and FSMEX paid capital gains 4/9/21. I did finally see it posted on Fidelity's website. I'll check out M* thanks @DaveSch...good stuff...that worked:
  • The digital content folks at Victory Funds reached out and asked me to update the CG link for their funds in Shadow's original post. Just fyi, I did.
  • edited October 2021
    @David -

    There is a separate pinned thread with a similar title. How do we make sure that all 2021 cap gain information starting September 2021 (when the pinned thread started) will only be posted in the pinned thread?

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