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Top Mf rose 140% in a yr

edited July 2021 in Fund Discussions

* Morgan Stanley mutual fund skippered by Dennis Lynch tops our quarterly survey of the best-performing stock-fund managers in the past 12 months*

You can incognito search article title for content

Couple interesting MF out there. Anyone bought these funds previously?


today winners maybe tomorrow poor looser


  • BPTRX: 1st bought 1/9/20 at 72.57, close position 3/11/21 at 171.21. MSSMX: 1st bought 10/6/20 at 15.06, close position 3/11/21 at 23.23.
  • That is why I sold ARKK earlier this year.
  • edited July 2021
    Have MSSMX in a retirement account. Bought into it a couple a months ago after it plateaued.

    Also have BRUSX in taxable and non-taxable accounts. which is behind BRSVX according to M*:

    Other funds not performing as well as those in the WSJ article, but are tops in their categories are EVDAX and BIVRX.
  • Sold ARKK today
    Run maybe over
    Added more tsla
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