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Funds For The Electric Vehicle Surge

President Joe Biden will set a new national target on Thursday for the adoption of electric vehicles, calling for them to represent half of all new auto sales by 2030, according to senior administration officials.

I'm curious if anyone knows of a fund or funds that are taking a large stake in the upcoming growth in electric vehicles, the infrastructure needed to support these vehicles and anything else in regards to what seems to be a large growth sector in the coming years. All I can think of is Tesla and other automakers who are moving into the EV space.

Thanks in advance for any and all replies!


  • I have not read any of these yet. When and if I do decide to invest in one it will be one more focused on the moving parts (i.e. charging stations, batteries, machining tools, etc.) rather than any one focused on particular EV auto manufacturer.

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  • Thank you, Mark; and good question PopTart.
    . A very busy area indeed. 'Course, IMHO; battery tech. will be a key, along with more efficient motors. Can't be driv'in from lower Michigan to the western Upper Peninsula wondering where you're gonna be able to "plug in".
  • Frank Holmes (US Global Investors) chimes in:
  • From a technical pov, catch22 has it right. Improvements in battery technology, specifically charge density and charge time, are critical to widespread adoption. The batteries cost a small fortune, have a limited lifespan, take a long time to charge, have a limited running time/travel distance, and are heavy. If we can get cars which can use solar power or charge in 10 minutes, and can run for 5-6 hours, THEN we've got something!
  • Charging stations would be the low hanging fruit. New batteries that meet the driving range (energy density), charging time and overall lifespan (something cheaper and lighter than lithium-ion batteries) requirements have yet to be developed. Also the need for rare earth metals is another issue.
  • beebee
    edited August 2021
    Bezos & Gates hire Blujay to search Greenland for EV resources:

  • Failure to recycle and reclaime valuable metals from electronics over the last several decades is truly disappointing. Rare earth metals are not considered as consumables and disposed as garbage. For now many of these metals are mined from China.
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