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The Largest Companies in 1929

edited November 2021 in Other Investing
Interesting to see how times have changed. I wonder if people had boundless optimism about these companies back then too:


Also, here are the companies in the Dow in September of 1929:

September 14, 1929
Allied Chemical and Dye Corporation
General Foods Corporation †
Paramount Publix Corporation
American Can Company
General Motors Corporation
Radio Corporation of America
American Smelting & Refining Company
General Railway Signal Company
Sears Roebuck & Company
The American Sugar Refining Company
B.F. Goodrich Corporation
Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey
American Tobacco Company (B shares)
International Harvester Company
The Texas Company
Atlantic Refining Company
International Nickel Company, Ltd.
Texas Gulf Sulphur Company
Bethlehem Steel Corporation
Mack Trucks, Inc.
Union Carbide Corporation
Chrysler Corporation
Nash Motors Company
United States Steel Corporation
Curtiss-Wright Corporation †
National Cash Register Company
Westinghouse Electric Corporation
General Electric Company
North American Company
F. W. Woolworth Company


  • edited November 2021
    Interesting. I don't have the time right now but I'd like to go through the list and see which companies were bought out (merged) with others on the list, which just went flat and/or out of business and which just changed their names.

    Adding - some are immediately recognizable but I haven't a clue with others.
  • edited November 2021
    How now Dow - where are they now?

    Kraft Heinz
    Grupo México
    Florida Crystals Corporation
    Goodrich Corporation/Michelin
    British American Tobacco PLC
    Navistar International
    Inco LTD
    Elf Aquitane
    AB Volvo
    Dow Chemical
    U.S. Steel
    Curtiss-Wright Corporation
    NCR Corporation
    ViacomCBS/Westinghouse Electric Company
    Various Utility Companies
    Foot Locker
  • Wasn't VWINX around as well?
  • Oldest, still active mutual funds.
  • I did not realize that Ken Heebner was that old.
  • A mere two decades or so ago, GE was the largest company by capitalization in the world, and look at it now.
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