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War talk good for precious metals …

edited February 17 in Other Investing
Gold’s up another $27 today in what’s been a strong week. Teetering around $1900 - which would be a 1-year high. Miners up almost 3% across the board today. Metals aren’t always a good hedge against equity selloffs. But today they are. BTW: The 10-year bond is also benefitting from the tensions rate falling.

I don’t follow defense stocks. But would guess they’re benefitting as well from the heightened U.S. Soviet Russian tensions.


  • edited February 17
    Think other commodities may do well as the conflict imposes on their supplies, i.e. oil. A broad-based commodity ETF such as DBC has been trending upward since last year as inflation rises.

    Someone mentioned DBC in another tread.
  • What if there is an invasion....this chart looks at the impact of several geopolitical shocks on subsequent stock market performance:


    Link: Russia-Ukraine crisis
  • From the article above,
    "You need to be with those names that will have some protection in a downdraft. Defensive names are a good place to be. One being dividend growth stocks," said Homrich Berg CIO Stephanie Lang on Yahoo Finance Live.
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