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Strategas Macro Thematic ETF

Good Morning Class,

Any thoughts re SAMT, ETF, Strategas Macro Thematic ETF?

Over the years I've always paid close attn whenever Jason De Sena Trennert is being interviewed for his thoughts re economy, the casino, I mean stock market etc...unlike many other prognosticators, tea leave readers, con men/women, his insights do seem to be spot on when you look back at them several months later.

Per the fact sheet thematic major themes of the ETF right now
Inflation for longer
Economic Re-opening
Cyclical Defensives
Quantitative Tightening

Seems dialed in to me, no?

I'll be plunking down a sizeable starter investment come Monday morning.

Not a recomendation, keep in mind, full transparency, I do not know anything about anything. Do you own due diligence etc


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  • I bought this a week or two ago after seeing it mentioned in I think Barons. It is relatively new, it looks like it is performing well so far.
  • edited April 2022
    I was not familiar with this asset manager. However, based on the OP, I checked out the fund site and fund documents. I would be curious to know how these funds do in a couple of quarters. Please keep us posted.
  • Jason Trennert has been a frequent guest on Wealthtrack since at least 08/01/2014.
    You can view the episodes here.
  • Assets managed by Jason Trennert and additional info is disclosed here -
  • edited April 2022
    I looked at SAMT but decided to stay with FCPI. Similar, but not exact portfolio's and construction but the latter has a longer history and nearly 20X the AUM. I realize that total AUM can work both ways however neither fund is overwhelmed at present. YMMV.
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