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EVDAX - Camelot Event Driven Fund

This small ($69M) sized Event Driven fund has had a really nice run. It's been around for almost 20 years. Would have to eat a 2% Front-end Load for the A class (EVDAX), which keeps many investors away.

I do see that ETRADE has it LOAD WAIVED. The Institutional version is $1M Min. Any takers?

As of 12-31-2022:

Camelot Event Driven Fund Class A

1 Yr 3 Yrs 5 Yrs 10 Yrs Life

3.51% 14.76% 12.05% 8.59% 7.26%


  • I owned it for a while, had a massive drawdown, eventually dumped. But, yes, nice run.
  • @wxman123, I am guessing you refer to 1Q 2020. Apparently this fund can be more volatile. Thanks for pointing out.
  • edited January 9
    I have owned since it was the Pennsylvania Avenue Event-Driven Fund in 2008/2009. Since then, it was reorganized into Quaker Event Arbitrage Fund then moving to the Frank Funds. Since I have owned it when it was the Pennsylvania Avenue Event-Driven Fund investor share class, I was grandfathered from paying a load when it was transferred to the Quaker Event Arbitrage Fund as an "A" share class investor. My "A" share class shares are still load waived. I also bought a small position in the institutional share class through Scottrade.

    Pennsylvania Avenue Event-Driven Fund reorganization with Quaker Funds:

    Excerpt from the above SEC link:

    Comparison of Sales Load and Distribution Arrangements
    The Acquired Fund currently offers one class of shares, the Investor Class, which does not charge a front-end sales load at the time of purchase or a contingent-deferred sales load at the time of redemption.

    The Surviving Fund offers three classes of shares: Class A, Class C, and Institutional Class. The Surviving Fund’s Class A Shares charge a front-end load of 5.50% at the time of purchase. This load will be waived for the Acquired Fund shareholders who receive Class A Shares of the Surviving Fund in connection with the Reorganization. The front-end sales load applicable to Class A Shares of the Surviving Fund will not be charged for the shares received in the Reorganization or for future purchases of shares of the Surviving Fund made by shareholders of the Acquired Fund.

    Reorganization from Quaker Funds to Frank Funds:

  • JD_co said:

    I do see that ETRADE has it LOAD WAIVED. The Institutional version is $1M Min. Any takers?

    Schwab sells EVDIX with a $2500 min and a $49.95 TF.

    Alternatively, if Schwab accepts a transfer in of EVDAX shares, you can buy a few shares (with a load) elsewhere to bootstrap and then purchase additional shares at Schwab NL/NTF (OneSource®).
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