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Pretty consistant fund, Hussman's Total Return Fund

edited August 2011 in Fund Discussions
HSTRX: The consistent returns this fund gives is kind of amazing to me. I was swayed to buy this fund back in 2009 when former FundAlarm poster Fundmentals talked about it. He was right on the money about it's steady return and it's ability to preserve capital in poor economic times.

Take a look at these consistent yearly returns:

since 2003 = 7%
5 years = 7&
3 years = 7%
1 year = 6%
ytd (extrapolated thu 2011) = 7%

And it gets these consistent returns with volatility as low or lower than most bond funds. I hold this fund as part of my fixed income category with the expectaion it will deliver 6-7%. I've been pretty happy with it. It's not going to rocket up in a bull market, but it's not going to loose a lot of money when things get bad either. I think this fund suites Hussman's conservative style to a tee (more so than his HSGFX fund imho).

Thanks for the tip Fundmentals - wherever you are.


  • Howdy MikeM,

    I have Fundmentals writes stashed away somewhere on this pc.
    I recall, as he and I were posting weekly return reports, that he challenged/set a goal to discover whether "Our Funds Boat" portfolio could equal or better HSTRX; as well as his portfolio. As you note; he, too set this fund as a conservative benchmark. Our Funds Boat, as of last week is slightly behind +3.33%, vs HSTRX, +3.79% YTD.

    I suspect the worse case regarding Fundmentals; as he would not have departed FA without notice or willingly, in my opinion.

    I do miss his reports and thinking; and I recall his last post was in May, 2010.

    We don't have money in HSTRX at this time, but the performance is very decent.


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