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where to now, St. Peter?


Couple of things.

Study your allocation with regard to rebalancing Before or After the first of the year. Particularly true for any tax losses and whatnot. If you have a loss, why not book it and buy something back similar. Wash rule only applies to 'in kind' transactions and with funds . . . feh.

What plays are on the horizon? What is Santa bringing us good little boys and girls?

Normalizing relations with Cuba. Yeah, there will be a fight in Congress for a while, but the economic relaxations already done will grease the skids for economic gain here and there and that, my friends will win this argument once and for all. It will take time but it is a done deal.

Legalized pot. Another done deal. In the past week, the justice department ruled that the tribes can do WTF they want and the laws of the host state have no bearing.

Oh, and they've now got to start honoring local laws.

Oil tanking as the Sauds put the squeeze on lots of folks - Russia, Nigeria, Iran, Venezuela, Wyoming and all of shale oil. wow. How deep are folks pockets for this sort of hard ball. Players needs to be careful when meddling in the affairs of dragons.

curiouser and curiouser,




  • Another thought that I haven't really seen anyone answer specifically is where all the money goes from QE in Japan and eventually Europe. Everyone is saying that stocks will do well, and they already are, at least in Japan. Everyone is talking about a strong dollar and weak Euro and Yen and those things are already happening.

    I think the QE just in Japan is supposed to be bigger than what the US did and Draghi has openly stated they want to build their balance sheet back up to levels that prevailed in 2009, which is a pretty big increase.

    So where does all this loose change go that people aren't talking about? Maybe Europe and Japan just fill in what Americans take out of emerging markets when rates start to go up or they get tired of the strong dollar hurting their returns. Maybe they buy emerging markets bonds because even with a strong dollar, those currencies may still be stronger than the Euro or Yen.

    It just seems like investors in general have already been betting on the things that everyone is talking about, so 2015 may be good for those investments that everyone isn't talking about yet.
  • beebee
    edited December 2014
    @rono, where to now, St. Peter?

    One of the best community organization around in "St. Peter"burgh, FL:

    Reminds me of want's really important.

    Thanks rono for your help/advise over the years.
  • St. Pete is OK...Clearwater & Dunedin are Beaches in the WORLD
  • beebee
    edited December 2014
    Tampabay said:

    St. Pete is OK...Clearwater & Dunedin are Beaches in the WORLD

    Try the German Apple Pancakes at the Best Western (on the water) in Dunedin.

    Yacht Harbor Inn Dining at Bon Appetit Restaurant

    My uncle/aunt helped support the clinic 25 years ago. What starting as a fund raising tennis tournament 25 years ago has now raised over $1M/yr for the clinic.

  • My wife is from Bournemouth, UK and grew up at the beach. She wants to move back to the beach when we get a little older. Is Dunedin a nice place to live.
  • jafink63 said:

    My wife is from Bournemouth, UK and grew up at the beach. She wants to move back to the beach when we get a little older. Is Dunedin a nice place to live.

    If you choose to live in FL, USA you owe to yourself (and your wife) to follow the coast and find your niche. It took me 3 years (off and on) to find my next stop off. Buy a a car and explore!
  • Jafink, I traveled the state of Florida and the US for 40 years, and live in Dunedin/Countryside for 30 yrs, but better hurry, your choices: are old houses and $400,000- + condos/townhomes.....good luck but you can find a good place in paradise
  • Howdy,

    Whilst not thinking of St. Peter FLA, how about we talk about FLA? Seriously, if there was a way to short an entire state, I'd think long and hard and perhaps take a wee flyer.

    I realize that things are messy Up in Michigan, but Florida?!? Hurricanes, global warming, water, water, water. How many cities are sucking seawater right now? Overdevelopment and wetland destruction.

    Anyone know how to short a state?


  • rono:Wished more of these "temporary" people down here would think like you:
    Like the guy who said Florida, "nobody goes to Florida , its too crowded"
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