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PTIAX Returns to No Fee/Low Minimum Status @ Schwab

edited January 2017 in Fund Discussions
PTIAX - Performance Trust Strat Bd Fd
NAV: 22.36 +0.01
POP: 0.00
52 Week High: 23.09
52 Week Low: 22.21
Trans. Fee Fund: No
Sales Load: None
As of 01/03/2017
Initial/Additional both regular and retirement
Minimum: $100.00/ $1.00)


  • Weird. This fund was NTF early in 2016, then it was transfer fee, now back to NTF. All in less than a year.
  • edited January 2017
    Does the size of a brokerage's sales of a fund have anything to do with whether they charge a TF or not?
  • Doesn't the question of whether there’s a TF depend on whether the fund company pays a fee (i.e., kickback) to participate in the broker’s fund supermarket?
  • I believe that NTF funds pay around .25-? in fees to the fund supermarket.
  • The default at Schwab and Fidelity is 40 basis points, but this is subject to negotiation. Funds pay Schwab to be listed (albeit at a lower rate) even if they are sold TF.

    It's up to Schwab and the fund to haggle, and then it's up to the fund to decide what sort of listing, if any, is worth it to them.
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