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10 Stats To Know For Today's NFL Playoff Games:

edited January 2018 in Off-Topic
FYI: (The Linkster is going chalk, I'm taking the Pats -7.5, and the Vikings -3.)

Maybe you’ve got a fantasy football playoff competition, or perhaps you’re trying to get some action over on FanDuel — here are 10 things you should know about both matchups this weekend.


  • edited January 2018
    No football analyst here but at the start of the season the only question was who is going to play New England in the super bowl. Frankly I rooted for anyone who would beat them but they have a history of pulling wins out of their butts seemingly at will. The Vikings may have been loosely discussed but the team had to many unknowns for those discussions to be serious. Yet, here we are. The Vikes will become the first team to play the game in their home stadium I hope. Their long suffering fans deserve this and the place will go nuts.
  • :) @Ted, I'm remembering some of your past predictions... so thank you for picking the Pats! Go Jags!!!
  • I'm rooting for the Jaguars but I don't think they stand a chance at beating both the refs and the Patriots. Expect all the iffy calls to go to the Patriots.
  • edited January 2018

    'the refs' is like 'but her emails'

    WaPo lede:

    Playing with a cut on his throwing hand that spilled blood on the practice field at midweek? No problem. Facing the fearsome defense of the Jacksonville Jaguars? No problem. Trailing by 10 points in the fourth quarter, without Rob Gronkowski and needing to overcome the big-game curse of Tom Coughlin? No problem.
    Can you say Amendola?

    On to the Eagles.
  • Once again, the refs play a big party in the win for NE. It's almost become comical.
  • Oh, please. Weak.
  • Oh, please. Weak.
    It's all I got! Hate-um.
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