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Should Bill Gross (PIMCO) Make $200M per year?

edited August 2012 in Fund Discussions
The following articles argues that A) The earnings of Bill Gross don't effect the fees that PIMCO investors pay. B) Bill Gross should actually make $1 billion per year.

Do you agree?


  • Those who make that kind of money AND deserve to make it also give it away. Unless news surfaces about how Gross bought a 70 million yacht while his investors are suffering (ala Bill Miller) I will ignore how much Gross makes.
  • Reply to @VintageFreak:

    "Those who make that kind of money AND deserve to make it also give it away."

    What does that mean? Do you really believe guys like Gross (the 1%'ers) are 'giving their money away'? Not debating if he deserves it or not, but I'd argue that the guy buying the yacht is the person putting money back into the system.
  • If I made that kind of money I'd have more than one yacht. And as much as I love the ocean I'd probably buy sea world too. Wonder what he'd pay me for mowing his yard?
  • i think this is a wrong question to ask. the right question, in my opinion, is he eats his own cooking? i believe he does.
  • edited August 2012
    But if those folks don't make that kind of money how on earth will it ever trickle down to the rest of us??

    To "perpetual Bull"... stand by... I think I see a trickle coming your way... hold on! ... it's yellow, not green!!!
  • I'm still waiting for those trillions in Stimulus, QE1 and QE2 to trickle down to me. Anyone seen any of that?

    Btw, I've received some invites to conferences that Bill Gross is the headline speaker. He seems to do a lot of these. I mean a lot. I wonder if he supplements his meager mutual fund salary with dozens of speaking engagement fees.
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