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Portfolios-Your top 3 holdings?

edited March 2013 in Fund Discussions
I thought about using the new poll feature but this does not require "voting". My question is "What are your top 3 holdings, by percentage, in your retirement accounts? Why you ask since your age and other things may have a bearing on your choices. Let's just say I am curious. Mine are:

Pimco Total Return,PTTDX-18%
Allianz NFJ Small Cap Value-PCVAX-11%
Oppenheimer Developing Markets-ODMAX-10%



  • TIBIX, MCD and EPD at 9, 8 and 7% respectively
  • I'll offer top 4 as they are very close to each other:

    GLRBX 8.9%
    PONDX 8.8%
    YAFFX 7.9%
    AKREX 7.7%
  • GLD 6.3%
    VDIGX 6.1%
    OYEIX 5.9%

    Actually my largest holding is cash at 15,4% as I recently took profits in some stocks and waiting to deploy some of it into funds. Im about 56% stocks to 26% funds in retirement accounts, which will be closer to 56/38 when fully deployed. All of my bond allocation is in taxable account, but they are munis.
  • For me, these 5 are all at 10%:
  • edited March 2013
    Mine are

    VDIGX (12%)
  • Hi Art,

    Listed below are my top 10 of the 52 positions held within my portfolio as of 02/28/2013. They have been identified by their ticker symbol, along with the sleeve which they are held within the portfolio, and their percentage of the portfolio itself.

    Cash … Cash Demand Sleeve … 16.00%
    FKINX … Income Hybrid Sleeve … 6.75%
    AMECX … Growth & Income Domestic Hybrid Sleeve … 5.31%
    ISFAX … Income Hybrid Sleeve … 5.05%
    CAIBX … Growth & Income Global Hybrid Sleeve … 4.82%
    LABFX … Growth & Income Domestic Hybrid Sleeve … 4.23%
    PASAX … Income Hybrid Sleeve … 4.04%
    TPINX … Income Fixed Sleeve … 3.10%
    SVAAX … Growth & Income Domestic Equity Sleeve … 3.06%
    TIBAX … Growth & Income Global Hybrid Sleeve … 2.85%

    Total Percentage of Portfolio … 55.21%

    Good Investing,

  • Skeeter

    Have you considered Templeton Global Total Return (TGTRX). A less popular fund managed by Hasenstab.

  • edited March 2013
    Hi Art,

    Yes I have consider in making this change but I have yet to di it. TPINX is mostly a global/foreign govenment bond fund while TGTRX mixes in some foreign corporate bonds with the foreign government positions. TGTRX has been the better performer.

  • Skeeter

    Wifey has an inherited IRA thru Edward Jones and we are using TGTRX for the Franklin/Templeton part of the IRA. i tried to find the best funds in each fund company the IRA was invested in so as not to pay the load again. I am using mostly American funds along with Invesco(ASIAX).

  • edited March 2013
    Reply to @Art: I am curious why you continue to hold the IRA ad Edward Jones instead of rolling over somewhere else, such as Fidelity, TRP, Schwab, Vanguard etc.
  • edited March 2013
    I am with you on doing a nav transfer within a sales load fund family whenever possible thus avoiding paying a second sales commission.

    One of the good things about Edward Jones is they may charge a modest annual fee on their self directed IRA accounts but they don't charge a fee on assets under management like some other brokerage houses do. Pay the sales commission and that its from what I understand. I think this holds true on their taxable accounts as well without the annual fee.

    I have been told for those that have 250k of assets under managment within a household then account fees are waived. You might wish to check on this with them.


  • edited March 2013
    Hi Art....your top 3 are interesting, as I hold all 3 in a 401K.

    Your question asked about a top 3 in a retirement account...while I have separate 401K, IRA rollover and then after-tax accounts, I view them ALL as retirement accounts.

    As such, my top 3 holdings are high conviction, and the only ones which exist both in pre and after tax accounts:


    In aggregate, between 7-8.5% of total portfolio assets for each. Interestingly, none of these 3 are in the top 3 in any of their respective accounts.
  • Reply to @Investor:

    I just did the easiest thing at the time which was to put the money to work in the best funds possible.We had 2 deaths in 4 days last year,estate is not settled yet(wife is in charge of all that), wife changed jobs in the fall but I did move that money from TIAA-Cref to Fidelity.

    Since the amount of the Inherited IRA is not that much and we are taking RMD's I decided to leave it there and the yearly RMD's are funding my wifes ROTH at Fidelity. So I am transferring just not all at once.
  • Reply to @PRESSmUP:

    Good guess as all 3 are in my workplace 401 thru Merrill Lynch where the bulk of the money is at for me.

  • Top 3: (I hold just 9 funds, total. The lion's share is in tax-sheltered retirement stuff.)
    PREMX 40%
    MAPIX 35%
    MAPOX 3.3%

    All the others are at 3% or less: SFGIX, TRAMX, MACSX, MAINX, MSCFX, DLFNX.
  • Reply to @Art:

    When I retire and transfer the 401K to my IRA rollover (hopefully soon), I would really like to figure out a way to drag the PCVAX holding with me...I am really fond of this, and am having a hard time figuring out a replacement.

    I have a foothold in ARIVX for this purpose, but it really is a completely different type of fund.

    I'm conflicted.
  • Good thread Art. Much more insightful I think than the "Favorite Funds" poll.

    Mine are:

    RNSIX 18%
    AQRIX 12%
    FAAFX 11%

    I'm spread thinner than I like and am working to get back to some higher levels of concentration, like Max's top two holdings.
  • Reply to @Art: Thanks. Sounds like you have a plan.
  • edited March 2013
    Reply to @Charles:

    I agree this is a good thread...

    The only good thing about a poll is it tallies a count for you, but without the discussion, it is pretty meaningless. BTW, the "favorite funds title" was to make an easy question for the first poll that everyone and anyone could answer for those (even for those shy about disclosing their funds.) I guess I was hoping for a much larger response in the poll 30 or so participants vs. the over a hundred people who logged in since the poll. Believe it or not, Art's thread title was the next poll I had in mind (but the %'s could not be tallied.). I've gotten all the feedback I suspect for the poll, and I leave it in your collective hands and David's and Chip's as to decide whether to use it or not and how you use it, and who and when polls get created.

    see the 2011 poll with a similar question as Art's

    see the 2007 poll (scroll down in the next link to item 5

  • edited March 2013
    Great thread. What I find interesting is not just the three top funds, but their percentage in the portfolio. I'm curious to see how many investors allow any single fund to exceed 10%, which is my approximate cutoff.

    My top three:
    PIMIX - 11%
    MWCRX - 10%
    VWINX - 9%

    Age 45.

    55/40/5 Allocation.
    Roughly 50/50 US & Intl. stocks
  • edited March 2013
    Reply to @Accipiter: Thanks man. I've noticed that too...the poll response is typically light on MFO. I wonder if it's because we're a more jaded community=) gentler terms, we all have a healthy dose of skepticism influencing our behavior? Or, perhaps we are more enlightened than the average Joes (Ha! Would be nice...) and enjoy a more nuanced perspective than the black-and-white tallies? I remember getting questionnaires from sub-contractors asking to give feedback on their performance, but I rarely completed them. I guess at some level I thought they were imposing. Ditto for polls? In any case, let's keep giving the polls a whirl...see if we can make work for our community. Hey, very much appreciate all you do with MFO.
  • Concur - great discussion.

    YACKX, 8%
    VWELX, 12%
    MAPIX, 7%
    FMIJX, 7%
    OSTIX, 10%
    TGTRX, 6%
  • Four top funds for me are (all at about 10-12% in the buy-and-hold portion of my portfolio).

    As I mentioned in one previous thread, my portfolio is a bit heavy on the large cap side and I plan on slowly increasing the small and mid-cap portion.

  • edited March 2013
    PRFRX 12.1%
    DODBX 11.85%
    OAKBX 10.7%

    I like to rebalance between various holdings inside the overall allocation. In this case PRFRX & DODBX will be kept at similar amounts. However, rebalancing hasn't been necessary yet, as have only owned PRFRX a few months & the separation between the two hasn't changed much. Watching such relationships helps me better understand what the markets are doing as well.
  • Cash 24.55%
    CYS 11.36%
    FCG 7.64%
  • ARTGX no bonds, market timer...philpill
  • Reply to @mnzdedwards: Honestly, given equity funds typically have dozens of holdings, I have no problem if a single fund exceeds 10%. I still think that a 4-5 fund portfolio is more than adequate to be well diversified without being index-like or redundant. A dream I have... Why do you feel investors should cap at 10%? Do you try to honor that cap by fund or fund house?
  • Reply to @philpill: Looks like a somewhat aggressive portfolio and were I younger my kind of portfolio. Curious about the duplication of FBIOX and PRHSX. I am trying to channel my younger self and last week went into RYOIX after much consideration to FBIOX and PRHSX albeit the later is closed to new investors at Scottrade.
  • TedTed
    edited March 2013
    Reply to @Art:
    Capital Preservation Portfolio:
    Capital Appreciation Portfolio:
  • Sage observation HiYield. this is a personal choice dictated by by past career as a research biochemist in pharmaceutical industry. new products are engendered by people specializing in biochemistry and molecular biology. the old line drug companies are given representation in PRHSX but the wave of the future is in the holdings of FBIOX. new products created by the portfolio of FBIOX will be either enormously successful or monstrous money consuming errors. this is the fate of molecular biology. still future profits will come form the new wave and not warhorses of the past. Hence I hedge by having a half and half portfolio, obviously overweight in my field, pharmaceutical companies. I believe risk profile is similar but FBIOX will be roller coaster like in performance. I would not it recommend except for someone who understands parameters of the research companies involved.
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