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Welcome to the Observer, 2.0 (check your bookmarks)

Dear friends,

Chip and her stalwart programmer James completed the transition of the Observer to its new look and feel around dinner time on Sunday, November 27th. We hope you like it. While there are several adjustments left to complete - for example, they weren't able to move the Falcon's Eye to the new format yet, so it's functional vut looks the same as before - the basic look of the site should be settled now.

As Accipiter points out, you'll need to update any bookmarks to see the new pages. If you have the Fund Discussions bookmarked, start with our new homepage, click on the new link to "Fund Discussions" and then set your bookmark.

If you encounter problems, please do post them on the Technical Questions board or drop us a note.

Any changes in the board software, which we'd make only if that seems to be the collective will of the community, is still some weeks away. More on that topic around December 1.

Deepest gratitude to Chip and James for surrendering much of their holiday weekend to handle this transition.

As ever,



  • Indeed, a most hardy thank you to all !!!

    I will begin a tour..........

  • edited November 2011
    I am thankful for the work but I am disappointed with one thing that is not addressed and the issue is now worse. I was hoping that the site would be redesigned to use less vertical space when reading the discussion board. Not all of us are reading on >24" desktop monitors and with the space the browser takes and the header of the board, now the forum discussions are appearing through basically a pin-hole on current format widescreen laptops.

    I had raised this concern earlier on. My second related issue is that when you follow the discussion forum from the main page, the discussion forum is in a frame with fixed width not able to take advantage of full with of the screen thus, even poor use of screen estate.

    You may want to keep the full header for the site but please at least for the forum use a very slim header at the top and remove the width restriction so the full with of the forum is usable.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Reply to @Maurice: Hi, Mo.

    If you don't see a new top banner - an image of the stock exchange, grayed down, with a bull on the far right - you might have to hit "refresh" or "reload." If you do see that banner, then you should also see the new navigation bar, revamped homepage, commentary page and so on.

  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • David and all, the new look is terrific. Very clean and well-designed. Thanks for continuing to keep us "on the cutting edge".
  • David and all, I ran into a problem I didn't have before. I have the accessibility option in IE8 set to ignore font sizes on webpages. I keep the text size on the value "Larger". With the new pages, if I leave the settings at these values, the text on the page goes off the right size of the page and I see no text at all except maybe a character on the right. If I turn the accessibility option off, the problem goes away or, alternatively, if I set the text size to a smaller value, the problem goes away. This may not affect anyone but me. What it means to me is that I will need to change settings whenever I visit the website.
  • Looks great on IPad. The bull appears to be correct market call - long as he don't fall off the wagon.
  • Anna,

    If not resolved, to save yourself the trouble of switching compatibiltiy modes, you could visiit the discussion board by the old link, and vice-versa with the new look.
  • Reply to @Anna: Hi, Anna!

    I'll ask the folks to look at it. Not quite sure what it means.

  • just simply awesome...thanks...well done
    happy holidays
  • I'm on Mozilla Firefox. I am grateful for all the updating work, but somehow, I'm not seeing anything new. For INVESTOR: I'm not sure this will solve your space-problem, but may help: with Mozilla Firefox, you can hold down the CONTROL button, while at the same time clicking on the (+/=) button and it will INCREASE the SIZE of the printed words so it all can be read more easily. Yet of course, this means even less efficient use of space. Click once, it gets bigger. Click again and again, it will grow the size of the font you are reading in progressive steps.
  • Reply to @MaxBialystock: Hi, Max!


    If you're using the old link, you're seeing the old page. Alternately, start at our homepage and click-in from there.


  • Lookin' good! Nice work, Chip et al.
  • edited November 2011
    Reply to @MaxBialystock: Max, to see the new site design you need to visit the home page: and descent from there. There is really noting new for board except that when you follow the link, there is an additional unnecessary horizontal line followed by big light blue colored "Discussions" printed taking some of the space (luckily scrolls of as you scroll the page).

    As for suggestion to zoom, it does not solve the problem. Because the board cannot use the full width of the screen normally, the subject lines of the long topics is split along two lines. When you open a topic, the individual posts takes much more vertical space. Less posts are visible thus you need to do yet more scrolling, clicking etc. I am not sure David and the crew understand the problem. They did not comment.
  • edited December 2011
    Reply to @Investor:

    never mind

  • Reply to @Accipiter:

    First, I am sure you remember I have spent my personal time in various issues related to this site. In other words, I did volunteer as much as I can. Unfortunately, I do not have access to the site at a level to fix some of these silly stuff.

    The only change that needs to happen is the removal of the width attribute from the frame specification that encapsulates the board. The board itself is capable of using the full width of browser and is artificially restricted.
  • edited November 2011
    Reply to @Investor:

    The discussion board is now encapsulated within a WordPress page using the embedVanilla plug-in. Additionally the width is determined by the custom theme for WordPress that was developed by a talented volunteer. I can't easily see a way to change the width for just the discussion pages without changing the entire theme. However, you can gain maximum screen real estate by opening just the discussion board in a new tab or window. That eliminates the entire header and lets the board expand to full width. Alternately, you could try Accipiter's recommendation.

    By the way, I do feel your pain. I most often access and work on the site with my laptop at a resolution of 1366 x 768.
  • Reply to @chip: When I have a bit more time, I will look at this issue a bit more. I do work on a laptop with 1366x768 as well. This is actually pretty common format for widescreen laptops that are truly portable.
  • edited December 2011
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